Monthly Archives: January 2014

An Appeal for Sikh Environment Day-14th March, 2014

                Please checkout our toolkit page to look for Gurbani Resources, Power Point Presentation for gurdwaras/workplace and class room material for schools! An Invitation: EcoSikh invites you and your Gurdwara/ Institution to join … Continue reading

EcoSikh Initiates Major Environment Plan for Holy City Nanded

January 12, 2014;  EcoSikh is proactively spearheading a movement to clean and make Sikh pilgrimage sites in India pollution free. In keeping with this, EcoSikh has worked with UK based Alliance of Religions and Conservation on faith based environmental activism and … Continue reading

Residents Joined Hands Towards Reviving Biodiversity in Amritsar Park

January 4, 2014; The Sikh Gurus laid a path for us which leads to a world where all creation can live in harmony. Less often we see communities coming forward to revive our rich traditions of composting the green waste … Continue reading

EcoAmritsar and Chief Khalsa Diwan signs MoU

January 2, 2014; Chief Khalsa Diwan (CKD), the premier social welfare and educational society, and EcoAmritsar signed an MOU today at a media event at the CKD. The MOU envisages a continued engagement between the two for social welfare and awareness … Continue reading