Monthly Archives: April 2016

EcoSikh Helps Plant 1,100 Trees in Washington Area

Washington, D.C. April 25, 2016: EcoSikh volunteers took part in the “Tree plantation Sewa” at Little Tuscarora Creek, in Frederick, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, DC.  EcoSikh joined Chesapeake Bay Foundation planting 1,100 trees and shrubs around the Creek to restore the … Continue reading

Akhand Kirtani Jatha and EcoSikh organised Organic Langar in Amritsar

Three-Day Organic Langar Marks Religious Fervour on Vaisakhi at Amritsar -EcoSikh Organised Exhibition Cum Sale of Organic Products for Devotees 13th April 2016, Amritsar: EcoSikh and Akhand Kirtani Jatha (aka AKJ), two international organisations joined hands to serve Organic Langar … Continue reading

120 Farmers attended EcoSikh’s Natural Farming Workshop in Ferozepur

Nanak Kheti is Uttam Kheti – Says EcoSikh April 2nd, 2016, Ferozepur : Over 120 farmers attended a one-day workshop on Organic Farming (Kudrati-Kheti) organized by Ecosikh in collaboration with Living Successfully Foundation at Village Lalchian, Guru Harsahai, Ferozpur. The workshop funded by Datawind, aimed … Continue reading

3500 Sikh Organizations Celebrate Sikh Environment Day Globally pledging to Go Green and Go Organic

Washington: March 16, 2016: Over 3500 Sikh Gurdwaras and institutions took part in celebrating the Sikh Environment Day (SED) on March 14 all across India and all over the world. SED has been popularized by the Washington-based organization EcoSikh since … Continue reading