Since Launch

It’s been just four years since EcoSikh was launched and this new short film celebrates the impressive achievements of this international environmental network.

EcoSikh – 4 years of journeying

‘EcoSikh – 4 years of journeying’ charts the progress of the organisation since 2009, when the Sikh Council on Religion and Education joined in partnership with ARC and UNDP to respond to the challenge of Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General for the religions of the world to become active in promoting the care of the environment. EcoSikh was launched that year and submitted a 5 Year Plan on the environment to Ban Ki Moon and HRH Prince Philip, ARC’s founder, at the Many Heavens, One Earth event in Windsor, UK.

Sikh organizations and leaders from Punjab and the Diaspora announced the five-year plan at a conference in New Delhi as a Sikh commitment to curb the climate crisis and   protect the environment in the places we live, work, and gather together for prayer and celebration.

 Sikh Five-Year Plan

Seechewal 5Year planIn November 2009, Sikh environmental leaders Baba Sewa Singh of Khadur Sahib, Amritsar and Baba Balbir Singh Seechewal of Sultanpur, Kapurthala Punjab, joined two hundred leaders from nine of the world’s major faiths: Baha’ism, Buddhism, Christianity, Daoism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Shintoism and Sikhism to gather in Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom to commit to long term practical action for the environment. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon addressed the celebration, which was hosted by Prince Philip, founder of the ARC.

The Celebration at Windsor Castle came a month before the major Copenhagen Climate Change talks in December 2009 and was considered the first major, internationally coordinated commitment by the religions to the environment. The event was supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and major secular bodies, including Conservation International, the Forest Stewardship Council, Fairtrade, and the World Wide Fund.

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