Past Events


April 18: Sikhs at Earth Day

Join fellow Sikhs at the Earth Day Network concert and event in Washington DC! Find out more here.

June 14th: Amritsar Foundation Day   

EcoSikh worked with its partners and stakeholders again for the third annual Amritsar Foundation Day celebrations.

June 21st: EcoSikh Gala Fundraiser

Our annual fundraiser to support EcoSikh projects.


March 14: Sikh Environment Day  

Fourth annual Sikh Environment Day was celebrated worldwide with a goal of reaching out to even more organizations, institutions and Gurdwaras.

July: Amritsar Foundation Day   

EcoSikh worked with its partners and stakeholders again for second annual Amritsar Foundation Day celebrations.

September: 3rd Annual EcoSikh Benefit Dinner

Hundreds joined us for a night of inspiration and celebration on September 7th!


September 7: EcoSikh Benefit Dinner: A Night of Celebration, Reflection & Inspiration 

EcoSikh held its second annual benefit dinner to reflect and celebrate the success of the organization with its members. Prominent Sikh personalities from DC metropolitan area were present in addition to local artists who performed at the event. Check here for more details.

July 25-29: Green Pilgrimage Network International Meeting

The second official international meeting of Green Pilgrimage Network was held from July 25-29 at Trondheim, Norway. Secular and religious leaders from various countries held discussions on the best practices to improve environment so as to create sustainable pilgrimage cities. EcoSikh was represented by Ravneet Singh, EcoSikh’s Program Manager in India and Dr. Rajwant Singh, EcoSikh’s President. Check here for more details.

July 6: Amritsar Foundation Day celebrated 

Amritsar Foundation Day July 2013 (2)Amritsar Foundation Day, the day when Guru Ram Das founded the city in the year 1577 (Harr Vadi 13), was celebrated as the first initiative since the launch of EcoAmritsar in June 2012. With the message of “Amritsar – My City, My Pride, My Responsibility” the organization worked with stakeholders and other organizations to take responsibility of Amritsar’s sustainability. For detailed news, click here.

April 28: EcoSikh as one of panelist at Interfaith Event 

EcoSikh was invited to be one of the panelist at the Montgomery County Interfaith Council (MCIC) sponsored event ‘Climate Change and Environment: Ecological Perspectives of Different Faiths’ in Maryland, USA. The opportunity provided a platform to share Sikh perspective on Environment and the action the community has taken so far to help protect our Mother Earth.

April 7: 5K run as part of Surat Fauj Running Club 

EcoSikh participated in a first ever 5K run as part of Surat Fauj Running Club in Central Park, New York. Some marathon runners supported EcoSikh by raising funds and expressed their excitement at being able to contribute towards environmental cause. Click here for the article and pictures.

April 5: Sohila Workshop with Surat Sikhs

In collaboration with Surat Sikhs, EcoSikh hosted a Sohilla workshop with Sikh community members coming together to reflect on Gurbani’s message when it comes to environment. Following the discussion, the participants planted seeds in pots and painted them. Click here for pictures from the event.


March 14: Sikh Environment Day with over 1500 participating institutions 

A massive action was taken by the Sikh community across the world to celebrate Sikh Environment Day with over 1500 participating institutions, organizations, and Gurdwaras. March 14th, an important day in Sikh history, commemorates the Gurgaddi Diwas of our Seventh Guru, Guru Har Rai Saheb. Click here to view the full report.

February 24: Afternoon Tea fundraiser

EcoSikh invited Assistant Secretary General of United Nations Development Programme to address the Sikh Community at the event. The event provided an opportunity for attending Sikh community members to share and reflect on Sikh community’s work in collaboration with United Nations for a greener world.

February 15: Presentation at AAAS Annual Scientific Meeting

EcoSikh was in Boston at the AAAS annual scientific meeting, ‘ Partners for the Earth: Scientists and Religious Groups Working for the Environment’. The symposium provided an opportunity to share EcoSikh’s environmental work on a national platform.

January 31: EcoFest Competition for young environmental leaders

In partnership with Sukrit Trust, an arts competition was held to inspire young environmental leaders from around the country to portray their ideas for environmental vision through poetry, essay writing, short story, slogans, photography and/or movies. For more information, visit the EcoFest page.


November 22-23: Green Pilgrimage Network meeting in Rishikesh 

EcoSikh’s Ravneet Singh attended this important meeting of Hindu leaders, both as an observer and also to present an update from the Sikhs. He talked about Amritsar’s journey to be a green pilgrimage city.

October 14: Launch of India Chapter of Green Pilgrimage Network

EcoSikh attended and co-organised the launch of an India Chapter of the Green Pilgrimage Network in Hyderabad. We also held a meeting of key Sikh communities and gurdwaras in Hyderabad – who responded by making serious environmental commitments. More information of Nanded joining the Network here and of the Hyderabad Sikh commitment here.

August 24: Tree planting ceremony

On Sikh Environment Day the inhabitants of two villages in the Ludhiana area planted 20 trees. This inspired them to think further, and 24th August marked the official planting of 160 more tree saplings.

June 30: EcoSikh Third Anniversary and launch of Eco-Amritsar International Campaign

EcoSikh brought together all the major stakeholders of the holy city of Amritsar and inspiring them to initiate their own projects to add to the sustainability of their city, which is now a part of an international Green Pilgrimage Network. EcoSikh will announce their commitments at this launch at Hotel MK Amritsar. Government administrations, schools/colleges, industries, builders and developers, NGO’s and religious organisations, hospitals and hoteliers expressed their commitments and plans for the next five years. Link here for the press release.

March 17:  EcoSikh Fundraising Dinner

Special guests included:  ‘Violinder,’ Raginder Momi, Master Violinist and Musician; Jus Reign, Jasmeet Singh, Famous Canadian Sikh Comedian, A Giddha Performance by our Own Talented Youth, & talks by Environmental Leaders

March 14:  Sikh Environment Day with over 1000 participating organizations and institutions

More than 1008 schools, organisations and gurdwaras took part in the second Sikh Environment Day. Many exciting initiatives were launched. Link here for details of how it was done.

March 1: EcoSikh Haryana Summit 

In collaboration with SGPC, EcoSikh has called a state level meeting in Haryana to call all the major Sikh Institutes, Gurdwaras and organisations to partake in the 7th Guru’s Gurgaddi Diwas, which is celebrated globally as Sikh Environment Day. Overall 65 organizations and gurdwaras from all over the state got together. SGPC leaders and Padham Shri Baba Sewa Singh Ji inspired them to take serious initiatives in their respective areas. Read the full press release.

January 19: Making the Environment an Election Issue (GGN Khalsa College, Ludhiana) 

EcoSikh formally supported Vatavaran Ate Samaj Bachao Morcha (Save Environment and Society Campaign), an alliance of more than 50 civil society organizations working on environmental and social causes in Punjab. This alliance is people’s dialogue series on Punjab Environment and Public Health Agenda for upcoming Vidhan Sabha Elections on 30th January, 2011.

EcoSikh organized an event at GGN Khalsa College, Ludhiana and invited all the election candidates to publically sign the pledge that they would consider environment as their top priority and they would serve to save and improve the Punjab’s environment and health. Check the full press release and press coverage by Ajit Jallandhar in Punjabi.


Princess Michael with KS Pannu of Punjab Pollution Board

October 31 – November 2:  Launch of the Green Pilgrimage Network, Assisi, Italy

Amritsar formally joined the Green Pilgrim Cities Network at an international conference in Assisi, Italy from October 31 to November 2, attended by leaders of many world religions and organised by the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC). Amritsar was the only city from India or South Asia which joined the network. SGPC has been instrumental in the matter of joining the green network spearheaded by EcoSikh. Read the report. And link here for some of the photographs.

March 14: 1st Sikh Environment Day celebrated

More than 450 Sikh Gurdwaras, schools and organisations joined the first Sikh Environment Day. Read Sikh Environment Day report about how we all did it.