Upcoming Events


July 25-29: Green Pilgrimage Network International Meeting

The second official international meeting of Green Pilgrimage Network will be held from July 25-29 at Trondheim, Norway. Secular and religious leaders from various countries will hold discussions on the best practices to improve environment so as to create sustainable pilgrimage cities. EcoSikh will be represented by Ravneet Singh, EcoSikh’s Program Manager in India and Dr. Rajwant Singh, EcoSikh’s President. Check here for more details.

September 7: EcoSikh Benefit Dinner: A Night of Celebration, Reflection & Inspiration 

EcoSikh will hold its second annual benefit dinner to reflect and celebrate the success of the organization with its members. Prominent Sikh personalities from DC metropolitan area will be present in addition to local artists who will be performing at the event. Check here for more details.


March 14: Sikh Environment Day  

Fourth annual Sikh Environment Day will be celebrated worldwide with a goal of reaching out to even more organizations, institutions and Gurdwaras. More details closer to the event.

July: Amritsar Foundation Day   

EcoSikh will work with its partners and stakeholders again for second annual Amritsar Foundation Day celebrations.

September: 3rd Annual EcoSikh Benefit Dinner

Join us for a night of inspiration and celebration on September 7th!