Who’s Taking Part? – Sikh Environment Day 2019

To Pay tribute to Guru Har Rai Sahib

Below are the shared plans as of how Sikhs are taking action during the week of March 14, 2019. 

If you’re planning to celebrate Sikh Environment Day, email us at info@ecosikh.org or find us online using #SED2019 or #SikhEnvironmentDay2019. 


Sikh Environment Day 2019 is a mode to give back to your “Mother Earth”. Every year we come up with some different ideas for celebrating this day, but we definitely require your participation as well. Please let us know your plans, and inspire us (and Sikhs around the world) with your actions.

Targeting the following

  • Indian States
  • Sikh Communities in different countries


There are leading magazines in India, those are publishing about “World Sikh Environment Day – 2019” and encouraging their soul reader to contribute towards the environment. These magazines include articles, pictures, and informative posters about SED ’19 to counsel readers on how to celebrate and chip in for the environment. Below are the names of prominent magazines with publication languages in which you can find SED ’19 material :

  1. Inquisitive (English)
  2. Sikh vogue (English)
  3. Balhari Kudrat Vasiya (Punjabi)
  4. MAC KRISHI JAGRAN (Punjabi)
  5. The Sunday Indian – (Punjabi)
  6. Sikh Phulwari (Punjabi)
  7. Soora (Punjabi)
  8. Advisor magazine (Punjabi)
  9. Sada Virsa Sada G0urav (Punjabi)



Gurdwara Shri Guru Singh Sabha, Sarabha Nagar will be organizing

  • Flower show
  • On the spot photography competition
  • Kirtan diwaan on Basant Raag
  • Organic Langer

Kartar Singh Gill & Karamjit Singh from Sewa Lehar Ludhiana will be chipping in this year also. Karamjit Singh a chemical engineer, is working on plant roots, changing human lifestyle, they are going to hold seminar cum discussion along with plantation drive.

DAV School Phillaur do activities on a continuous basis related to the environment, a project of 3 years to plant around 3000 trees, 2 years completed and the planted more than 2000 trees. School pledged to involve the students in this project and this will be their contribution towards environment and SED.

Sukhdev Singh from Vanjara Sikhs celebrating SED in gurudwara sahib by hosting Gurbani competition, plantation, and painting competition for kiddie sangat.

In Doraha, Doraha Public School is going to organize

  • 5th Kindergarten Sports Day
  • 5th Annual Flower Show
  • Shabad Gayan competition along with
  • Expert talk by Balwinder Singh Lakhewali (Environmentalist and ATMA Project Director).


Vishavdeep Brar of Group of Malwai Cultural Society will do plantation drive this year single-handedly since their team is gone abroad.


Khalsa Sewa Society is going to organize Green Diwaan for local sangat and create awareness about Air Pollution.


Kalgidhar Sewak Jatha is going to organize organic langer and plantation with local gurdwaras and sangat and is also hosting a lecture for sangat to create awareness.


Scientific Awareness & Social Welfare Forum will celebrate in June, promoting no to use plastics, use cloth bags & segregation of garbage. They will be organizing tree plantation drives, boota prasad, vegetable prasad with help of forest department. They have provided employment opportunities for the locals by keeping private cleaning workers for the city.


Sewa Singh Chawla along with Guru Tegh Bahadur Foundation, Faridkot & Sri Guru Gobind Singh Trust, Kotpapura will be organizing Green Diwaan with noted Katha Vachak Bhai Pinderpal Singh Ji delivering the message of Pavan Guru Pani Pita on EcoSikh’s SED ’19 theme Air Pollution. 

Sri Fatehgarh Sahib

Sri Guru Granth Sahib World University & Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Engineering College celebrated Sikh Environment Day 2018 and this year they are hosting tree plantation with students, debate competition, poster making, and spring flower festival.

Sri Amritsar

Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee will carry on their legacy in promoting Green Organic Langar in Darbar Sahib main Langar hall.

Charanjit Singh Gumtala from Amritsar Vikas Manch along with Manmohan Singh and his team will host Boota Prasad near Darbar Sahib & also plans to organize a plantation drive.

Jandiala Guru, Amritsar

International Fateh Academy may involve Baba Seva Singh Ji Khadoor Sahib wale and their students in tree plantation in the campus.


Lakhbir Singh of Pehel Organization will be organizing cleanliness drive and tree plantation drives with locals to cherish up the environment. 

Surinder Saini from Jalandhar Welfare Society arranged tree plantation at Khalsa college and vacant land near Halt Station & seminar for the students at Khalsa college.

Khadoor Sahib

Baba Sewa Singh Ji, the godly figure celebrates Sikh Environment Day all around the year hosting different activities. He serves Mata Dhart through his kind will.

Other States



Indermohan Singh and his team of SB Taru Study Circle will be contributing towards the environment by 

  • hosting lectures for the kiddie sangat
  • plantation with kiddie sangat
  • spreading the word of awareness towards the environment

Himachal Pradesh


Col HS Ahuja, Director of Dagshai Public School of Dagshai Distt. Solan will be celebrating Sikh environment day like every year. Col Ahuja planned to involve students of the school in the plantation drive, Shabad Gyaan on the environmental theme and other cultural activities. There will be Expert lecture on plants and how to care about them.

Jammu And Kashmir


Balbir Singh of SAVE Society will be organizing a plantation drive in Srinagar along with  Green Diwan merging local sangat on this Sikh Environment Day 2019.

Madhya Pradesh


Dr. Gurmeet S. Narang of Tavleen Foundation planned to plant more tree with children and aware them about pollution while appealing to use more public transport.

New Delhi

Branches of Guru Harkrishan Public School in Vasant Vihar, Tilak Nagar, Nihal Vihar, KalkaJi will celebrate Sikh Environment Day in their schools organizing poster competitions, plantation drives, and the eco assemblies consisting pledges to keep the environment safe and sound.


Hong Kong

Khalsa Diwan (Sikh Temple) & SIKH Community of Hong Kong are having Diwan, tree plantation and nature walk on 17 March. Sangat would continue to have tree plantation and hiking events during this year as much as they can with Guru Sahib’s Kirpa!


Wadda Gurdwara Penang is planning to make gurdwara building green with help Gurmit Rai (CRCI). Sukhvir Kaur, secretary of the gurdwara sahib assured to have a workshop on Millets and organizing a Flower show and plantation drive where people will bring their own pots and plant a tree.

And many more…