Dr Amandeep Singh Bains

Dr Amandeep Singh Bains is a dentist by profession and being a dentist, he is also practicing ALL DISPOSABLE NEEDLE LIKE INSTRUMENTS “dentistry and working to spread awareness on this which is untouched topic in society and professionals. He is the founder of organization named RBS ROOTS established in 2010 by 17 members (now a team of 50 members) working mainly on environment front. He has worked on different projects such as Plantation of trees, conducting awareness workshops with students, women issues, removal of obscene posters etc. Worked on stoppage of chopping burning of trees, illegal advertisements on trees, river bank improvements , documenting it , DATA of materials being thrown etc. He is also founder member of JATT CONGLOMERATE and LCLF and is working on problems being faced by farmers. He has been honored with Swami Vivekanand award. He has experience of joining a political party. He is always ready to the uplift of society