UK Parliament Extends Apologies to EcoSikh Team Attacked outside the Parliament Building

 Environment Activism, a Way to Promote Sikh Identity Worldwide

February 28, Ludhiana; The EcoSikh team today invited the press to bring in light about the updates from the UK Parliament in regards to the recent racism attack on EcoSikh Project Manager, Ravneet Singh and Jaspreet Singh while they were in the queue to meet MP TanManJeet Dhesi to discuss about establishing March 14, Sikh Environment Day in the UK.

 Date of attack: 21st Feb, 2018 at 5:20pm, outside UK Parliament, Central London

It is to be noted that, Tan Dhesi, first turbaned Sikh MP, raised the issue in the UK Parliament about the racism attack outside the Parliament due to lack of security and appraised that it was a racism attack on Ravneet’s turban and due to the mistaken identity of the Sikh community.

Video  from UK Parliament

Raising the Point of Order, in the House of Commons, Dhesi said, “The perpetrator tried to pull off the turban of the Sikh visitor and shouted ‘Muslim go back’.”

MP Dhesi pointed out that the Government’s Hate Crime Action Plan to properly record and monitor hate crimes completely ignores Sikhs and asked the Speaker of the House to impress upon the House authorities and the police to take this matter very seriously and to bring the assailant to justice. “I was disgusted on Wednesday night when someone consumed with so much hatred tried to pull off the turban of one of my Sikh guests.” Tweeted TanDhesi condemning the attack.

The Speaker of the house apologizing the victim said, “it was a truly appalling incident. I feel great sense of shame that in our country such an attack could be perpetrated.” Declaring the attack as a hatred crime the speaker added, “The visitor (victim) would have been shaken by his experience. The act could be motivated only by hatred, ignorance or more like an extremely regrettable combination of the two.”

The speaker also mentioned that, “From the chair and on behalf o the house, if provided with an address, I to would like write to the gentleman to express our regret, about the attack that he experienced.”

Said EcoSikh President Supreet Kaur, “Since 9/11 attacks Sikhs have been attacked in many countries including UK, USA and in Europe due to mistaken identity as Muslims, which is unfortunate. No community deserve racism due to any terrorist groups and their activity. We extend our heart and support for people of all religions who are facing hatred. The world is facing huge environment crisis; water issues, air and food issues have endangered the existence of humanity and other life on earth. Environmentalism is one such great way where Sikhs can end racism and prove their identity via World Sikh Environment Day. Every community and especially Sikhs should come forward to plant more trees and save water and start organic langar wordwide. Together let’s make this Sikh Environment Day even bigger for the sake of humanity.

It is noteworthy that SGPC President Gobind Singh Longowal and DSGMC are talking to Sushma Swaraj and hon’ble PM Modi to take immediate action towards protection of Sikhs in the diasporas.