1st EcoSikh Annual Conference in India

Fighting Climate Change in Punjab and Implementing UN Agenda on Sustainability

‪19 November 2016, Ludhiana: Washington based EcoSikh held its 1st annual conference in Ludhiana focused on creating strategies and collaborative partnerships to fight climate change in Punjab and other parts of the globe. Over 75 invited guests gathered at GNIMT Gujjjar Khan Campus in the city center. Attendees took part in exploring ways and means to implement the United Nations 10-year agenda on sustainability. A strategic action plan was formed in consultations with partner organizations to implement this green agenda. In the recent past, EcoSikh has focused curbing pollution on gurpurabs (Sikh religious celebrations), water preservation in homes and gurdwaras, mandating environmental leadership training in the Sikh Missionary Colleges, reducing plastics and styrofoam in Sikh institutions, and switching to organic food. Dr. Rajwant Singh, President of EcoSikh, especially joined from Washington to took part in the deliberations.


Dr Rajwant Singh in an interactive session at 1st Annual Conference of EcoSikh

EcoSikh’s India Project Manager, Ravneet Singh along with his team presented the various projects of EcoSikh i.e. Sikh Environment Day, Eco Amritsar, Organic Langar, Youth Environmental Leadership Workshops, Green Gurpurabs and Green Nagar Kirtans etc. EcoSikh has recently launched organic farmer training and organic Sunday market in Amritsar to promote healthy trends in food production and consumption. It has created partnerships with local farmers which is providing respite and financial gain.

EcoSikh membership programme was introduced to engage the grassroots to join efforts for conservation of rapidly degrading environment in Punjab. EcoSikh President Dr. Rajwant Singh USA emphasised, “The entire humanity is suffering due to global warming and climate change issues. It is going to have devastating effects on people in the state. The Punjabis have a part to play and act at institutional levels to contribute to the United Nations 10-year agenda.”

EcoSikh India President Supreet Kaur stated, “Punjab, the food bowl of the country is on the verge of desertification and we all need to sync our energies to fight for Punjab’s ecological sustainability. Water safety, food safety and health are our top priorities and we are seriously looking for meaningful partnerships with everyone.”


EcoSikh President(India), Supreet Kaur at EcoSikh Annual Conference

At the event, the various individuals and organisations were honoured for their work on environmental issues.  EcoSikh has worked with international bodies like the United Nations and the World Bank. In addition, it is frequently being invited by the White House on climate change issues.


Award of Honour by EcoSikh

The event received the presence from Gurmeet Singh from Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle, Harjinder Singh Kukreja from Hot Breads, Amanpreet Singh Gursikh Family Club, Dr Sarabjot Kaur from Gurmat Bal Sabha, Sarabjit Singh Renuka from Sukrit Trust, Committee members from Gurdwara Sarabha Nagar, Jaspreet Singh and Manpreet Singh from Vigaas Foundation, Jaspreet Kaur from Guru Nanak Multiversity, Harjeet Kaur from Young Flares, Inderjit Singh Rana from Gurmat Gian Missionary College, Gurbans Singh from Missionary College Ropar, Satdeep Singh Movie Director, Dr BS Brar from Patto Hira Singh Village, Joga Singh and Deepinder Singh from GNE, Jaswinder Singh and other members from Nadar Foundation Ludhiana.


Young Flares team being honoured at EcoSikh Annual Conference


Guests at the conference


Interaction with Guests


Dr Rajwant Singh with Sarabha Nagar Gurdwara team


The discussions and feedbacks